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  1. Msteelio91

    Climbed Kilimanjaro [Pic heavy :) ]

    Hey all, I recently had the experience of a lifetime exploring Tanzania and climbing Kilimanjaro. My fiance and I did it together with 8 other climbers in our group, and the help of our guides and porters (Gods of men they are!). We also did a 4-Day safari afterwards, which I'm still working on...
  2. C

    Where to get your photos printed?

    Hey guys, I am new to the photography world and just wanted to ask where to get your photographs printed. Thanks!
  3. G

    My Photos during my Trip

    My Photos during my Trip :
  4. evabomanges

    to share, to hear,to get more photography

    hey forum crew and users, just signed up here, would love to get more global views on my photography and get more connected to the picture world. looking forward to share n hear , n get more skills in photography. best, eva
  5. A


    Hi there i have a beautiful facebook page dedicated to photos and photography, i am just an amateur but i would sure appreciate your support, give me a like, share my photos if you really really like them, send requests to your friends to join me, like my page and stay with me on this adventure...
  6. AStateOfWanderlust

    Is there a way to embed or link Instagram photos to the forum?

    As the title asks.. Any photos I will be sharing will be coming from the photos I post on Instagram. Was just wondering if there was a way to link them over to here.
  7. jbrunet6

    My first photos

    Hi people, today I'm going to post my first photos (Some of they were taken some time ago using my phne but I think they are cool, the lake one is new) I hope you can tell me what is wrong. Some were shoted in Auto cause I don't know how to manage Manual well enough, I will hang out with a...
  8. T

    Photoshop Help!

    So I may have stumbled into a situation. And I desperately need someone to help me with some Photoshopping of photographs. If someone is happy to help PLEASE get back to me. I'm desperate for some assistance!!
  9. H

    New Member :)

    Hi everyone, I'm new in the forum and in photography. I decided to sign up in this forum to take some tips so I can improve. My camera is a Canon EOS 1000D, is it good? And could you give me some tips to improve my photos? Thank you :)
  10. Purple Iguana

    Strange splotches in photograph?

    Hey folks, I've just recently gotten into photography and everything (for the most part) has been going fine. Unfortunately, I have been having this weird problem where the images I capture end up having these odd greenish splotches on them. Usually this occurs when I am in low-light. Also, the...
  11. pedropcruz

    [Apresentation] Pedro Cruz

    Hello guys from Portugal! I'm Pedro Cruz, from Sintra, Lisbon, Portugal! I have 24 years old, and i love coding, design and photograph! My hobbies are chill out with my friends, smile everyday, have funs with animals, learning, and have a lot of more, and i can't remember now :P I have a...
  12. LarryTheLawrence

    Website Critique

    A thread to show off photography blog/websites get feedback of photos and layouts of blog/websites Let me go first Lawrence Anca Photography Thanks
  13. Giuseppe Torcasio

    Giuseppe Torcasio

    Giuseppe Torcasio: Portrait
  14. Giuseppe Torcasio

    Giuseppe Torcasio

    Giuseppe Torcasio: Birthday
  15. Giuseppe Torcasio

    Giuseppe Torcasio

    Giuseppe Torcasio Pictures
  16. Giuseppe Torcasio

    Giuseppe Torcasio

    Giuseppe Torcasio: Colorized
  17. Giuseppe Torcasio

    Giuseppe Torcasio

    Giuseppe Torcasio: Photo
  18. Giuseppe Torcasio

    Giuseppe Torcasio

    Giuseppe Torcasio
  19. Giuseppe Torcasio

    Giuseppe Torcasio

    Giuseppe Torcasio: In uniform