1. Delhi Beggar Girl

    Delhi Beggar Girl

    Kristian Bertel learned that giving money to child beggars is the least generous thing a tourist can do. Because when we give money directly to child beggars, we actually hurt more than we help. But the imperative to not give money or gifts does not mean we have to turn our backs on them.
  2. Giuseppe Torcasio: Portrait

    Giuseppe Torcasio: Portrait

  3. Dreamy and Soft Eyes-.jpg

    Dreamy and Soft Eyes-.jpg

    A One Light Portrait Setup in the Studio
  4. softball.jpg


    Show Low, Arizona, senior softball team.
  5. A

    Model release and payment

    Hi, I was wondering can anyone please advice what is the best practice for model release forms. I would like to start a project of portraits of children I am self funding so payment would be a professional print of the model. How do many of you approach model release forms and payment?so as not...
  6. A

    Posed Dance Portraits

    I'm going to be taking group and individual photos for a local dance studio in advance of their recital. Questions for experts in this area: 1. Should I use a drapery backdrop or simple, solid 10x20? Pros/cons? 2. Recommendations for the best off-camera flash set up? 3. Which lens do you prefer...
  7. rexbobcat

    Las Vegas Pride Portraits

    I was asked to photograph the Pride weekend this year. There were several other photographers shooting the performers, so I figured I'd focus more on the human element. I met a lot of interesting personalities this weekend; was a lot of fun. 1. 2. Cinnamen Douglas St. James 3. Three...
  8. Fujidave

    Portrait Photography Tips

    Hi folks I have treated my self to the Fuji XF 90mm f2 as I want to start getting in to portraits and head shots. I have never taken any sort of portraits at all in the years I have used cameras, camera I will be using is the X-T2 with the XF 90mm plus if I am also using the X-T20 with the XF...
  9. S

    Lens for GH3 for Portraits

    Hello, I would like your advice on the best lens to purchase for my GH3 to do mainly professional portraits (and bokeh effect), but also nice events photos--I know this seems a bit general but I am on a budget so I prefer to get only one lens for now. Currently I have the one I purchased the...
  10. D


    Hey guys and gals! I'm looking for tips for a new camera to invest in! I'm going to be totally honest with you and i'm new to this photography thing, but i'm a dedicated learner so i'm NOT looking for a beginners equipment. So my budget will be around 1100 USD but hopefully we'll find...
  11. Russs

    Help! My first paid senior portrait shoot and I have no idea what I'm doing!!

    A girl at my school asked for me to take her senior portraits since she's followed my photography for a while, but the thing is... I've never actually done proper portraits of people before! I appreciate that she likes my work and trusts me to give good results, but I don't know the first...
  12. T

    Water over ny head? Shooting portraits at a christmas ball for teens.

    My son's class is arranging this year's christmas ball, and I have agreed to be their photographer. The idea is that I'll be stationed "somewhere" and the teens will come to me. Which is fine, cause it means the conditions will be more or less constant. I don't yet know how this somewhere will...
  13. F

    Bed Sheets vs. Muslin for Backdrops

    Hello, I've got a few muslin backdrops for my studio but am in need of a variety of colored ones. I can't really afford to drop 100$ plus on multiple backdrops, so I was wondering if anyone has had any luck using things like colored bed sheets, or other cheaper materials for colored...
  14. K

    Portraits and emotions

    I invite you to contribute to a new study about portraits and psychology by participating in a questionnaire where you look at some portraits and evaluate their emotions. It should take about 5-10 minutes. Your (anonymous) participation will create new knowledge and may change what we know about...
  15. A

    Recommendations for boudoir settings?

    I'm a student, so unfortunately I can barely afford my own groceries, much less a studio. I tend to shoot mostly boudoir/lingerie type portraits indoors using only natural light from a window. My room in university is perfect for these shoots although it's small, but back home is where I get...
  16. A

    Best lens for natural light indoors?

    I have an 18-55 kit lens which is doable, and a 50mm f/1.8 which I absolutely love, but seeing as most of my photography involves nude or lingerie portraits in a small bedroom, the zoom is often way too close for me to have a variety of angles. I love the low aperture for the overall look of the...
  17. Tbehl1214

    Is a 50mm lens worth it for portraits?

    I have an older camera, the Nikon D5000. I currently only use the two lens that I received with the kit (18-55, 55-200). I am still working on learning everything, but want to know if the 50mm or 35mm (with the autofocus since that is what works on my camera) would help me improve my portraits...
  18. MissMadison

    How to make portrait intimidating

    I am taking portraits of individual rugby players and I want to make them look strong, intense and intimidating. Does anyone have tips or suggestions on how to do this when taking the photo and/or when editing in photoshop?
  19. jamiebonline

    2 bodies 1 shoot

    hi all so i am not looking for advice here, i am just interested to know from people who shoot events like weddings or do portrait or fashion shoots, what your two cameras are, if indeed you take two camera bodies. are both necessarily the same model or same sensor size like full frame? are...
  20. M

    First Wedding Pricing

    i just booked my first wedding. I have been second shooting weddings for a while now, so I have an extensive portfolio and I know how the show works. I can run the show at any wedding and I'm confident every time that I'll come out with some great shots for the clients. But I'm starting to shoot...