1. J

    Suggestions for “better” enlargements

    I’m hoping to get some advice on getting enlargements ( 36”x36” and up) that have better resolution, and color from my 120 color and also black/white negatives. I’ve been using National photo, and supplying them with high resolution scans, but I’m dissatisfied with the 36x36 prints from them-...
  2. P

    Printing Pure Black

    Is it possible for a printer to print pure black in the darkest shadow areas of a photo and/or is it a bad idea? (In this case by "pure black," I mean the areas highlighted when "show shadow clipping" is turned on in Lightroom.) I seem to recall from when I first learned about it years ago that...
  3. L

    Chemistry Sequence

    Hi all, Apologies for the newbie question, but I'm curious as to what is the correct sequence for chemistry in the darkroom? I'm looking to do selective bleaching on a few prints. Is it: -develop -stop -fix (x2) -wash/hold -selective bleaching -fix (x2) -selenium tone -final wash Thanks for...
  4. F

    How to record information on a print (without ruining it)

    I recently started printing my own images. Sometimes I find that I want to associate some information with a print, the most obvious being the print date. I've found myself with multiple copies of the same image and trying to determine which one was the last one I printed. I don't want to do...
  5. F

    Durable Pro Photo Printers

    With my business needing to print more and more, I wanted to do some research before I bought my shops next generation of printer. I wanted to find out what printers had served people well in terms of quality of print and durability of printer, either in terms of short term bulk printing or in...
  6. F

    Recommendations for a printing service

    UPDATE: Sorry, I see that I posted to the wrong thread. I'm not sure how that happened. I don't know how to delete or move a thread, so I create a new thread in General Shop Talk and have added this update. If there are any admins who see this, please feel free to delete this post. Hi, I'm...
  7. Ross Photography

    Need Help Getting Started

    I aspire for my camera to eventually pay itself off, as I'm sure all of you do. I want to know what the best course of action is for me to start making a little money. I mostly do nature and outdoor photography, you can look at some of my work on Instagram. I have thought about doing a few...
  8. P

    Compensation adjustments when softproofing with ICC profiles

    So in preparation for trying to print some images, I found the ICC profile for the printer they'll be using (Fuji_Frontier_DryLab4x0_PD_v3a if it helps to know that), and I've softproofed with it, and it changes the image pretty noticeably. I know that's how it works, but the trouble is I can't...
  9. nicolasnico

    Screen vs printed: results different?

    hi everyone, Last year, I've printed calendars with pictures I've taken in Kyrgyzstan where I live now. I'm not fully sure, but I think it's offetset printing? (I worked through a company). There's a difference between what I can see on my pictures on the screen and how they appear on the...
  10. F

    How do you ensure your color is correct for printing?

    As I typically work on the printing and manufacturing side of the business, I am wondering how you, as a professional photographer, ensure that your colors are perfect for printing? What types of questions do you ask your print house? Which type of color system(s) do you follow? How do you...
  11. NellsPhoto

    What style of photo printing is this?

    Hello all, first post here, and it is a QUESTION! I have had no luck finding answers elsewhere, so here goes: What style of photography produced this image? By style, I mean print method. The corners are a silvery/metallic color/finish. It is part of a set and research into the topic tells me...
  12. M

    Metal Inkjet Printing

    Can anyone recommend a company or service for relatively inexpensive metal substrates already coated and ready to print on an inkjet printer? Preferably that would fit through a Canon Pixma Pro-1. Looking to just order the metal substrate to print on myself. Thanks!
  13. somberg

    Mismatched colors from ICC color profile

    I tried out a new printing lab and received some test prints from them. After calibrating my monitor I compared the prints to the images on screen and they looked very close in color (though not quite perfect). I then downloaded their ICC profile and when I did a soft proof using it, the...
  14. J

    Question on Photo printing

    Hi guys :) I have a photos with the dimensions of 4840 x 1920 at 18 megapixels. What size could a photo like this print up to? Thank you :)
  15. laurennash

    Recommendations for Inkjet Printers?

    I wasn't completely sure this is where this type of question should go, but couldn't find a forum dedicated to printing! I am looking for recommendations, from experience, for the best small, in-house inkjet printer. I am not partial to certain brands/models. I want something that doesn't break...