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Mar 22, 2016
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Hi guys :) I have a photos with the dimensions of 4840 x 1920 at 18 megapixels. What size could a photo like this print up to?

Thank you :)


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Dec 3, 2015
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If you print at 100ppi, it will print at 48 inches/4 feet by 19 inches/1.5 feet. Some would say that 100ppi is too small but I say that at the distance people will view a 4 foot picture from it would be fine.


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Apr 9, 2009
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Any size you want.
Ultimately the quality of the image, and the image content, will bear on how large a print can be made that minimizes the visibility of image flaws like noise and/or image file compression artifacts.
Print type, and the media the print is made on, would also be considerations.

The bigger a print is, the further from the print people stand to look at it in it's entirety.
The further from the print viewers are less print resolution is required to have a print that doesn't have visible enlargement artifacts.
That's why photos on billboards can have pixel dimensions smaller than your photo.

The aspect ratio of the photo is an oddball panoramic aspect ratio with the long side being 2.52x longer than the short side.
That indicates the short side of the image has been cropped. If the camera that made the photo made 3:2 (1.5) aspect ratio photos before cropping the short side of the photo had 3227 pixels.
So you will need to have the print made on paper/media larger than the image. You would then have the option of trimming the excess paper away, or not.

Some simple math.
4840 pixels times 1920 pixels is 9.29 MP - not 18 MP. The image may have started as 18 MP but the crop of the short side eliminated almost 1/2 of the pixels.
By the way - 4820 x 1920 is the image resolution of your photo.
Whatever size print you wind up with will determine the print resolution.

Being a panoramic aspect ratio the print resolution of the long is the primary concern.

Lets assume you want a 40 inch wide print. 40" is about the longest standard paper size available at most consumer print labs.
Note: Since the image has a 2.52 aspect ratio the short side of a 40" wide print will be 15.87 inches. (40" / 2.52 = 15.87").
More math - 4820 px / 40" = 120.5 pixels per inch (ppi). 120.5 ppi is the print resolution that will deliver a 40" wide print of your photo.

300 ppi is often touted as a minimum print resolution and is a good goal to shoot for if you want a desk sized print.
For wall size prints viewed from further away a lower print resolution (bigger print) will still deliver a nice to look at print.
But lets plug 300 ppi into the math for your photo - 4820 / 300 ppi = 16.06 ".
At 300 ppi the widest your photo could be printed would be 16 inches.
The short side/height of your photo as a 300 ppi print would be 6.4 inches - 1920 px / 300 ppi = 6.4"

Pixels / PPI = Inches
Pixels / Inches = PPI
Inches x PPI = Pixels

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