1. S

    Worflow & Color Space | Camera > Ligthroom > Photoshop > Ligthroom > Web with Calibrated Monitor

    Hello, I have a problem regarding my workflow and understand the principle of Color space I have a monitor BENQ SW2700PT calibrated with Spyder Pro So I have have another Color Profile Named "BENQ SW2700PT Color Profile,D6500"; than the pre-configured ones (AdobeRGB, sRGB), Windows is using...
  2. A

    Deleting photos in camera in a7riv

    I just bought the a7riv. Have had the a7rii for years. I'm traveling with the camera, a Microsoft Surface Book an usb drives with Photoshop and Bridge. I used to use lightroom on this laptop, but the process of transferring photos from lightroom on the laptop to the main lightroom catalog in my...
  3. CDAPhoto

    Homecoming Shoot T - Workflow & Doc advice needed pls.

    This evening I’m shooting a homecoming dance and ceremony, was just recently mentioned to me that I would be needed for this event, not giving me much time for preparation… ugh! I’m pretty sure I know what I want to do as far as lighting and equipment goes, but I’ve only shot one other session...
  4. P

    Compensation adjustments when softproofing with ICC profiles

    So in preparation for trying to print some images, I found the ICC profile for the printer they'll be using (Fuji_Frontier_DryLab4x0_PD_v3a if it helps to know that), and I've softproofed with it, and it changes the image pretty noticeably. I know that's how it works, but the trouble is I can't...
  5. HeldInTheMoment

    Lightroom 6 Question -- Reports?

    Hey All, So I am trying to further streamline my workflow and my wife had a great idea. When I mark photos in Lr to be deleted, can I generate a report/list of those photos? I then would like to delete the JPEG counter-parts of those photos. Right now I am hand-writing each photo number, but a...
  6. Coffee Jester

    Working on KODACHROME 64 recreation

    Hey folks. I've been working on creating a way to process my digital photos to emulate (as accurately as possible) the look of Kodachrome 64 film. So far I haven't come across any presets online that resemble Kodachrome much at all (even though they claim to) so I set out to pull it off myself...
  7. Corpus-photo

    Workflow for image mosaic/stacks

    I typically shoot in raw, edit in LR5 (capture sharpening, WB, tone adjustments, etc.) and then import into CS6 for further editing (convert to TIFF, creative sharpening, further tonal adjustments). I like to do all of the initial capture sharpening and tonal adjustments in camera raw before the...
  8. tiaphoto

    Coworking Spaces

    Do any of you guys have experience with coworking spaces. I recently found out about them, and I did not realize they were such a big trend in the freelancing world! There's a good bit of them in my living area and I was excited to check them out when I discovered them. However, I totally...