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Apr 18, 2010
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East TX
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The whole thread about guns and blah .... got me thinking.

I realize this may be a little contriversal, but please don't take it there. It actually got me thinking and wanting to mess with something.

IMO metal is hard to shoot with a flash, it burns really bad. However ... that being said, here's my attampt at OCF. I used 2 285HV's. You can see the setup in the 2nd pic.

Before looking at the pic, all weapons were cleared and double cleared. If you will notice, the one you can see has an empty mag well, as does the one you can't. Please stick to the technical aspects.

Lighting is one thing I feel I struggle with, which I am trying to work on. Posing is another, but that's being saved for another day.

Without Filter by TX Flyer, on Flickr

With Polarizing filter by TX Flyer, on Flickr

20120122-DSC_0041.jpg by TX Flyer, on Flickr

BTW, you can't see my wife sitting in the chair to the right ... or the would you stop it already look on her face. ;)
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Just had a thought ... polarizing filter ...

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