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May 7, 2013
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Wurtsboro NY
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I took these 2 shots at Gilbert Park in Mount Dora FL. I wanted to get a daytime and night time shot of this sign in the lake. Which one do you guys like better?
#1 something about colors grab me :) Gilbert park nice not far from us.
I like the colors and crop of the second, but prefer the water reflections in the first. Hard choice but I think I would go with the first.
I like the first one best.
we are right down the road from there in Eustis.
might have to check that place out sometime.
I like the first one best as well due to the colors but the horizon line is right down the middle but I think it kind works.
Thanks everyone. I actually like the 2nd one a little better haha. I'm more of a sunset/night kinda guy. Pixmedic, I would definitely check it out. It's a nice little park. It has a walkway that goes through the woods, it's a pretty cool spot.

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