10D vs 20D


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May 20, 2007
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How big of a difference is there between these two? I mean, I'm looking for a 20D as a second body, but is the 10D much different? If it saves me a few bucks, is it worth it to save a few?
no it's not worth it. The 10D is slower than snot. You can shoot off 5 images in the time it takes for the 10D to bring up the playback.

I used to use 10D's when I was living in Seattle and the slow operation got in the way of shooting.
the 10D taking 2 seconds to startup should be a sign of the entire camera's lack of responsiveness
It was a good camera in it's day...but the 20D is much better. The slow start up isn't really a big deal...unless you are used to a faster camera...then it's excruciatingly slow.

Also of note: the 10D, even though it has an APS-C sized sensor, is not compatible with Canon EF-S lenses.

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