14 vintage cameras new homes needed

And your lipca rollop is only $120 in good condition. Google the cameras and you will find prices maybe that will help you.
Hi I found the etsy site to be selling a voigtlander for $67.00 us. Is there anyway you can look up this site and you can check the prices, for your camera?

Can you send me a link? I will do some more research and see what I can do
Hi I have been looking... and all the prices seem completely insane, I found both the voigtlander and the rolli for over $400 and also for under $50 (I even found the rolli for as high as $750), I guess no one really knows what they are worth... So I think for now I will stick to my price as it seems middle of the road unless someone comes to me with a definitive price guide. Sorry.
That's okay you don't have to say sorry. I understand. But thanks.
can I get a photo, aprox. weight and price on the wooden tripods? do they have a 3/8" head mount?

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