14 vintage cameras new homes needed


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Jan 3, 2013
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bedford uk
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I have been given 14 (more to come) vintage cameras from my dad (retired professional photographer) who has just downsized his house.

I am looking to sell them to a good home...

they are as follows:
1. Rolleicord III (close to mint, with original leather case)
2. Voigtlander Brilliant Bakelite (close to mint, with original leatehr case)
3. I think the next is a Lipca (LippischeKF) Rollop Automatic (camera is close to mint, leather case in bad condition)
4. Dallmeyer Press Camera Reflex F/3.5 5" lens (showing its age)
5. Dallmeyer Press Camera Reflex F/3.5 6" lens (showing its age)
6. Ensign Popular Reflex (showing its age)
7. I cant identify the make but it is circa 1900 with a Unicum Bausch & Lomb lens (showing its age)
8. Polaroid 104 land camera (close to mint)
9. Polaroid 320 land camera (close to mint)
10. Polaroid J66 land camera (close to mint)
11. Polaroid SX-70 (close to mint)
12. Polaroid Multishot 102 (passport camera) (close to mint)
13. Kodak Duaflex II (close to mint)
14. Kodak Bantam Colorsnap (close to mint)
2 wooden tripods and a tripod from the 60s

If anyone is interested or could help me I would really appreciate it (I can post images if it helps)


I also have a load of photography magazines from the 60s through to the 90s, if anyone is interested
no problem... I will try to get photos done tonight... is there anything in particular you are interested in so I can get that to you first
Yes, I am interested in the twin lens reflex cameras first. Cause I am a collector of vintage cameras. I have 3 myself with lens. I also have digitalis. I am a photographer.
Rolleicord III
I think the next is a Lipca (LippischeKF) Rollop Automatic
I am pretty sure they are all in working order... and they could do with a clean... sorry about the quality of my pics (unfortunately I'm not a photographer)
How much for each if them and are they in working condition?
not sure on prices at the moment... I am using CollectiBlend: classic, collectible and old cameras price guide. as a guide to the prices so please have alook and make sensible offers.

They have not been used for many years but when packed away they were all in working order so I'm pretty sure that with a little TLC and cleaning all should work ok
If anyone can identify this one I haven't got a clue all i know is it has a Unicum Bausch & Lomb lens shutter

interested in the Polaroid Multishot. Can you post pictures? does it come with remote shutter release? and whats your price?

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