1953 Circus Elephants

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    *I posted these in the darkroom forum, but wanted to share them with everyone*

    I found a large box of 120 negatives that my grandfather shot back in the 50s when he was into photography. There is at LEAST 300 photographs in there. He was actually very good, won a few local competitions, we just were never able to find his negatives.

    I was not able to print any negatives before because the enlarger at my college was not set up for it, but my teacher took pity on me and changed the lens (used one of his personal lenses from home.. I begged with the puppy dog eyes :lol: ).. and I was able to make my first prints of a few negatives today.

    I chose the circus pictures, not because they are the best techinally, but because they have elephants in them, which I love (some may say I am obsessed with them... where do you think I got my username? :lol: )

    Here's the ones I printed off today... I only got this far because I was trying to get them perfect and used up all my paper :lol:




    The second one is my favorite. There is about 4 more pictures I want to print, also. I think I may buy a 16x24 frame and cut my own Mat board to put them all in there.

    It may sound corny, but I was teary eyed when I got done and was looking at the prints.. My grandpa died in 96, and its like having a piece of him here with me. :heart:

    It was weird to think that the negatives I was printing were older than I am, and the subjects of the photos are probably not even alive anymore!

    Thanks for looking, I'm sure I'll have more to share as I start to print more.

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    Finding a box of 120 negatives and 300 photos that had been "gone" for all those years is like finding a treasure!
    No wonder you're all in awe over what you have found!!! I'm happy for you.
    And I thank you for sharing (beginning to share, I hope ;)).

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