1st Few shots with my new toy.


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Oct 4, 2014
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So got out yesterday afternoon to play with my new toy. Just a few snaps. Going to take a while to get used to the (for me) complicated AF compared to my canon. But I think I'm going to like this camera :1219:

#1 Swan against the sun

#2 Bridge

#3 Dove in wall

#4 4 peaks, slight right tilt but when I straighten it I lose the tip off the church. Lesson learned.

#5 Not my art, but loved the colours and texture.
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Thanks, Nikon D7200 with 18-140 kit lens, it is such a huge step up from my Canon 450D :guitar:
You were doing very good already with the canon, I am sure the newer tech will make things a little easier in dodgier light. Enjoy
Nice set, the first and the third one are awsome!
#3 FTW!
I like #3 a lot.

What convinced you to switch to Nikon?
Nice and Congrats!
Thank you.
I like #3 a lot.

What convinced you to switch to Nikon?
Thank you. A couple of things actually. I was not that invested in the canon system (which I will keep until I have the Nikon equivalent or better glass). The 7dii would have been a grand more expensive. I think the Nikon sensors are ahead of the canon sensors at this point in time. And most importantly, I liked the feel of the camera.
You're right about the sensors. The Sony sensors Nikon uses have dramatically better DR than Canon's.

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