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Oct 6, 2009
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Phoenix Arizona
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Well it was an overkill at first so I cropped a bit. First time shooting one, editing one, and posting one.
This is an abandon adobe farm house in Estrella Mountain preserve, in Arizona south of Phoenix. I have passed it many times and always wanted to come shoot it. Figure what better time then today. I like the tree growing out of the house.

The city scape I originally went for was unavailable unfortunately.

The second one started at 21 shots. Edited to 17 and was still very skinny. It was the whole mountain range.I didn't post it due to the size.

What do you think?

1QS9A5090-2-Pano by Stormchase73, on Flickr
I like the tree growing out of the house as well.

I don't know enough yet myself to critique it... but I like the shadows on the mountains... and that tree!
Nice job. Are you using an indexed tripod head or overlapping the shots manually (through the viewfinder)? I need to get an "L" bracket so I can use the camera in portrait mode for pano's.
That's a good idea to do portrait for a pano.
I shot this hand held. No tripod. Just used the viewfinder and overlapped about 10% as I moved the frame.
Something subtle on the right thirds perhaps?

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