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1st try at night time photography


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Aug 24, 2008
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Wausau, Wisconsin
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I've been wanting to try this for a while, but just never have until tonight. These are my 1st shots trying to shot the sky at night. The subject matter isn't the greatest. Any help/critique on these are much appreciated. All shot were 30 sec. exposures, F2.8, ISO 200

1.) I think my personal fav.

2.) Big or Liitle Dipper ( I forget which is which)

3.) Tried to get the pine tree treeline

4.) I like the tree in the foreground
Thank you April. I still need to experiment some and obviously find better foreground subjects.
joe what camera and lens were you using?
they came out really good!
look into getting a remote, then you can do longer exposures at better apertures and keep your ISO's low.

Also, get out of the city, at least 50 miles out to get away from the light pollution, THAN you'll see stars
I think even though #1 COULD be considered not the best subject, it still works in its simplicity. I like it - and think I'll try the same!

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