2 old cars (1 photo)


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May 19, 2006
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Queens, NY (Home), Berrien Springs, MI (School)

I'm usually a digital person, but I shot this with an old Pentax (film).
Do you mean a '66 Tempest and a '67 Goat? Cool pic, btw :D
Neat pic... I just wish those barrels werent in the way
Nice! Take after shots when he's done. I'm sure it wont be done anytime soon.
Those are most definitely a '66 Tempest and '67 GTO. The '68 and up body style is totally different. If you don't belive me Google them, there's plenty of pictures on the 'net.
Otherwise, nice shot, I agree the barrels are distracting.
I don't know, he showed the registration info and original paperwork for the two cars. The Tempest may be a '66, but the GTO is definetly a '69.

I would move the barrels, but the are extremely heavy. I'll see if he can pull out the GTO while I'm there and have a little photo shoot.
even tho the years are wrong the image is nice with the darkness, kind of like a memory.

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