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    Does anyone have the old style 12 exposure film magazine? Not the A12 but the one with the peek hole at the back. If so, here's a trick on how you can use 220 film on your 120 back. This is an excerpt from a book I read about Hasselblad:

    Loading 220 film onto 120 old style Hasselblad backs.

    (from H. Freitag’s book The Hasselblad Way)

    [My comments in Italics]

    No. 220 Film

    This is a special kind of roll film of the same width as No.120, but without the customary backing paper. Instead of winding a 32 inch length of film with nearly twice as long a strip of paper onto a spool – the No.120 system – the No.220 roll has twice as long a film, but with only two comparatively short strips of paper attached to the beginning and end of the film. This way a spool of the same diameter can hold 24 exposures 6x6 cm (or 32 exposures 4.5x6 cm) instead of the usual 12 or 16 respectively.

    Using No.220 film involves two points. Firstly, the film must be advanced into position for the first exposure without watching numbers on the backing paper-there is no backing paper beyond the leading strip. Secondly, we must be able to count 24 frames with the aid of the exposure counter of the film magazine.

    There are two ways of going about it. On the one hand the No.12, No.16 and No.16S magazines can be adapted for No.220 film. On the other hand there is also the No.24 magazine designed especially for this film type.

    To adapt the standard magazines for No.220 the observation window at the back of the magazine must first be made light-tight. Special plastic plugs are available for this purpose; they go into the rear window from inside the magazine housing. To fit them first remove the magazine slide and the spool holder. Then push the plug, with the lettering “Hasselblad 220” facing outwards, into the rear window from inside. The inner flange of the plug must be flush with the inside of the window, and the outside surface (with the lettering mentioned above) level with rear surface of the opening. Check that the plug fits smoothly, without gaps all around. [I was able to cut a piece of thin black foam purchased at an Arts and Crafts store which I placed in its holder. I also found some dark gray packing foam, I cut a little square piece and forced it down the conical peek hole where the above plug was supposed to go in. Be careful though when inserting the film holder into the magazine, sometimes the foam tends to snag, you can dry-practice a few times.]

    Once the magazine is adapted in this way, here is the loading procedure for the No.220 film. It differs slightly for early and later models of the magazines. The current models are No.12 magazines with serial numbers of 64,400 and higher, and No.16 and No.16S of serials above 204,200.

    To load these magazines, fit the full film spool and thread the backing paper leader onto the take up spool in the usual way. Turn the take up spool by the milled knob, winding up the paper until a row of dots or a two-ended thick arrow across the back of the paper appears in the middle of the take up spool, as seen from the rear of the spool holder.

    Insert the spool holder into the magazine housing and lock it. Turn the transport key on the magazine backwards (before advancing film along) to set the film counter to No.1.

    Next turn the transport key forward through nine complete turns (18 half turns). With the No.12 magazine this should bring the figure 7 into the film counter window, with a number 16 or 16S magazine the figure 9. Then turn the winding key backwards to reset the film counter to No.1 again.

    The magazine is now ready for shooting. Take pictures and advance the film in the usual way until the camera transport and the release both lock (with the magazine on the camera and the magazine [dark] slide pulled out-i.e. after the twelfth exposure on a No.12 magazine and after the sixteenth exposure on the 16 and 16S models). Lift up the transport key again and turn it anti-clockwise to reset the film counter to No.1. Then carry on until the last exposure is again reached.

    Good luck and enjoy the savings. ;)


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