3 New Pictures! Need to improve! Please help me with C&C!!


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Dec 25, 2011
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I love this picture! Think I made it too dark in post though. Also wished the dog wasnt blurry. Should of changed the shutter up and aperture down so I could of focused on the subjects. I wanted the silhouette type look to this. Red on the girls jacket on the end is bothering my eye. Should of fixed it in postWhat you guys think?

This was a random shot of the birds. Maybe I should crop down the clouds from top a little. Still learning post. Made it too yellowish I think.

This was just me testing out the new 50mm
No comments?
They don't really work for me. #1 is super close to being an amazing photo, but her posture (and how her scarf? looks like an arm) and the dog right there, along with it being an almost but not quite silhouette breaks it. The second one has a pretty sky, but its lacking something, its just not super interesting to look at to me. The thing to me with landscapes, is they are naturally pretty, so easy to shoot, but its difficult to make it interesting, that your eye wants to keep looking. The 3rd one is ok. I don't like the ear chop, and the conversion is muddy (no whites).

Bigger question, do you like them?
Lighten up.. some of us take a while to wake up on Sunday morning!

C&C per req:

1. I like the idea here, but there's way too much empty space for my taste. This image should be reshot. Post-processing should NOT be used to fix errors, but rather to enhance the image and make minor adjustments. Always strive to get it right in the camera. I agree that a full silhouette would be nicer, so, next time move farther around so that the sun is as nearly behind the victim as possible and expose for the background. That should give you sufficient shutter-speed to freeze any motion.

2. Random shot. 'nuff said.

3. Test shot. 'nuff said.

Just my $00.02 worth - your mileage may vary.

i just started takeing pics myself, but i really like the third pic i personaly wouldnt do anything differant to that pic but like i said im just starting out myself so i know someone else might say you could do something else. ill be looking closely to see if there are so i can improve also , good luck

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