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3 new products from LumiQuest

Green Li

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Apr 3, 2009
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LumiQuest has launched 3 new products today:
LumiQuest UltraStrap release
LumiQuest Snoot XTR release
LumiQuest Softbox LTp release

I like the adjustable snoot idea :). Pretty neat. Also, the LTp is huge - 10x14. I wonder if it has no issues sitting on the flash tight.

35 for a piece of paper.... WOW

Ok I know it is more than that. LOL...

The soft box I could see being very useful.
Looks like a newer release of their clinchstrap and a more refined snoot. The snoot sort of interests me as I keep wondering if I could put a cone of directed light like that to use in macro work.
The softbox might see some harder competition as now its larger than a flash can take whilst hotshoe mounted its got to compete with the more regular design softboxes as well.

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