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Petite Renarde

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Jan 26, 2016
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I'm a wetplate collodian photographer who is fairly green to film photography. I recently acquired access to a new darkroom and developed several rolls of Ilford HP5 400 without trouble. However, this morning I went to develop another roll, that I exposed with a different camera than I had previously used, and the roll turned out blank. I double checked the chemistry and it seemed to be fine. Others developed this morning as well and had no trouble. The roll is translucent purple with no frame markers. The text near the sprockets from the manufacturer are present and the very ends of the roll are black. This was my first time using an SLR that had a digital read out screen for metering, but seemed to be working correctly. Does this sound like a camera error or a developing error?

Thanks so much!
Sounds like the film didn't advance through the camera. Are the markings along the full length of the film? Only thing that doesn't fit in your description is you say that the dark is at both ends of the strip. Would be dark at the leader end only if this was the case.

Film often pops off the winding reel and stays in the canister and doesn't get exposed. The rewind crank assembly should rotate as you advance the film as a check that all is well.
If the film maker's text is visible it has been developed and fixed - if there is no image, the film was not exposed. Could be because the film was not loaded correctly so did not move through the camera, could be a shutter problem (ie not opening) or could be a lens cap left in place (hard to do on a SLR but I have done it with a rangefinder.

Are you sure both ends of the film are dark? I don't see any reason the end that was in the canister would be dark (unless the film was bulk-loaded using a daylight film loader, but you didn't mention bulk loading).
If there's no images, but the markings along the edge are visible, then it's not been exposed.

If there's no images and no edge markings, it's a developing issue.
Sounds like bulk loaded DXN (no frame numbers, or frame markers, some text on the edge) which was not sufficiently fixed.(Pinkish hue.) Looks like film was never exposed. Might be few things, what camera was that ? Maker and model usually are written on the front, knowing that maybe useful .

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