3rd Birthday Farm C & C


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Aug 17, 2010
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New jersey
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These pics have no post editing .... last week I posted a few that I did edit. Wanted to try to post a few for C & C - Thanks in advance!



3. What wuld I do differently to not get the shadow on the sherrif badge?

I really like the pig on the cupcake. I little soft, but it works. Most 50mm f/1.4 are soft wide open.

The goat was a good shot but you did miss the focus here.

I feel like I want the badge to be the focal point in the last shot, but that just my opinion.
Starting to wonder if my pics are just that bad that nobody can even leave me some feedbck!!!

Taking an entry level photography course at a local community college - maybe that will help!
I wouldn't think that, but it might be helpful to let people know what you re looking for in terms of guidance.

For what it's worth, there are folks that think that shots like these may be more snapshot-like as opposed to being requests for help with a specific issue. That's not to say your photos are one way or another - just that some folks may see it that way.

Sometimes weekends are not the liveliest times here either.

Don't let the lack of reply discourage you. It's just how it is sometimes. In the future, if you don't get a reply, you can post "bump" to move it to the top of the page again, but just include some more detail regarding the kind of reply you are hoping for.

That goat is so cute! Why didn't I have birthday parties like this growing up and why am I not throwing ones like these for my kids now. :)

I think you focused just infront of the goat, you just missed him.
The pig cupcake is great, well done.
I'm not sure how you would have avoided the shadow on the sherrif badge, I think you would have had to move the hat to get the best lighting (I light to use natural light). I also seem to want the focus to be on the badge.
I dont think the pics are bad but honestly there isnt much to be excited about. I think if you were to select better subjects. maybe a different angle might do. Of the 3 I would have to choose #3 as the best one.
#1 doesnt do anything for me. Kinda boring
#2 looks good but I would crop out the upper portion that shows the other cupcakes. it takes attention away from the pig

Thats just my opinion, but im a total newb myself so.... lol
As an additional note, I would not use a 1.4 lens wide open unless I needed to (poor light). Not only is the depth of field very narrow, but many 1.4 lenses are just not very sharp until they are stopped down to 2.0 or 2.2. If you do that, you should find you you get sharper images with nice DOF and out of focus rendering.

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