4 month old London


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Jun 6, 2010
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I did some pictures for a friend's baby. I am so in love with this little girls eyes!

Would love C&C for this picture!!!


I dunno...I think the really dark headband is very distracting, and matches poorly with the background and the shooting floor's pink color...it's just such a heavy-looking, and dominating black stripe across her little forehead...otherwise mostly okay...the baby is positioned well and framed quite acceptably...lighting on the baby is decent...the background has a weird line at the horizon level that is not too slick-looking, but then again, most people would not notice that...
Ok...So no black headband! The mother picked it out, so i did what she wanted. Anything else?
I personally am not a fan of the dribble drop sliding off of the bottom lip, but I guess with kids it's unavoidable. It could be edited out though. Agree with Derrel, the band of dark pink running through the middle of the photo seems a little off, and it looks lighter on the left side than on the right. It is a really cute photo though!
my friends little girl has those things on all the time and I hate them. lol I think I would get rid of the spit droplet in photoshop.

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