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Oct 26, 2007
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Just got a new 400D and really enjoying it. I have been shooting mostly in manual just to start gettin used to its functions etc. I did on a couple of occasions try one evening to change to the portrait function and to the P function. For portrait the flash automatically popped up although it was slightly dark i had been managing fine with a higher ISO in manual. Also when i switched it to P it kept showing on the screen that is was going to overexpose by one stop.

Im wondering if these two features (flash popping up and overexposing) are normal for these functions. Maybe the camera is malfunctioing. Also it could be a case of RTFM (read the f**king manual) and i apologise if this is the case. Will give it a good read this eve.

Oh also the editing software that comes with the 400D. Is this decent software or should i be looking to buy something else....

Thanks for any hhelp
If you switch modes, you probably need to manually lower the ISO back down vs shooting via natural light at higher ISO in the other modes. When it said it was going to overexpose, what did it say the shutter speed was?
I believe that the flash is controlled by the camera when in full auto (green box) or any of the picture modes. It won't do that in the creative modes (P, Av, Tv & M).

As for it showing over exposure...did you perhaps set the exposure compensation?

Personally, I only ever use the 'creative modes'. Mostly Av, Tv or manual. The idea being that I want control over what the camera is doing.
Thanks Mike

You were spot on. I must have stupidly set the exposure the first day i bought it when i was messing around with the functions.......:confused:

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