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Nov 18, 2007
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Santa Monica, CA
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is bad.

Today i bought a Canon 10-22 for my 40d, and it is 10000000000x clearer, i have more contrast and color.

i feel like i can see!

now i know what everyone is talking about glass being the most important factor of the picture; this is a huge difference!

I am in Japan, so i cant really upload the pictures that i have so far, but this is leaps and bounds ahead of the 28-135 kit lens.

just thought i'd share, i'm having fun with this crazy wide angle!:hail: :lol::lovey::lovey::lovey:
i always say kit lenses should be declared illegal ;)

welcome to the world of lenses!
i think this computer has ms paint... i will resize a pic from that and you can still probably see the difference.
oh, and ultra wide angle is fun anyway. enjoy!!!
pretty bad quality pic, but it's all i have to work with ATM.

no tripod etc, just resized, so no PP either

Some day I'd like to go to Japan... It would be great to just wander around and take pictures of stuff.
yea so far i've shot >300 shots in the 2 days ive been here.... about to go to the fish market!
The photo looks great. Well done!

Is that the L lens? or IS? I am trying to figure out what my next lens is, I have the 35MM 1.4 L lens now...
EFS lens ( from what i've heard, it's like an L lens for the crop sensored cameras, but i have never owned an L lens so i wouln't know )...

It is sooo much better than the 28-135 though :)

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