450D SD Cards? Why SD?


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May 20, 2007
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Any ideas why they went with SD cards on the 450D? It just seems silly. Is this the direction Canon is going? Is this the direction all DSLRs are going?

Other than size, what benefits does an SD card have over a CF?
it's more popular with consumers...they wanna stop losing customers to nikons that use SD.
Aren't SD cards generally available at a lower price as well?
Aren't SD cards generally available at a lower price as well?

I think CF cards are cheaper per/GB. Someone verify that for me?

SD cards are smaller, and in consumer bodies, size does matter a fair bit, so sometimes companies have to bite the bullet and use SD. Not a huge deal.
They are smaller, lighter, as reliable and cheaper.

More the the point, why would you NOT use them?
Nikon did the same with their D40...I think it's the size advantage and the fact that no P&S consumer cameras use CF anymore.

It might be trivial...but they might have been loosing customers who already have cameras with SD cards...and they want to keep the same format. Besides, *most* people will be buying this as their first DSLR...so they probably won't have an affinity for CF cards.

I don't like it either...but I don't plan on owning one. I'll get excited if & when they change their mid and pro level cameras. (although, Canon's pro cameras have duel slots for CF and SD cards already.)
working in a camera shop for the past ten years....

we see far more broken SD cards then CF about 50 times more, we sell about 5 times more SD over CF.

but we see a lot of bent pins in cameras that take CF cards.

its cheaper to buy SD cards by about 10-15%
Another thing to keep in mind is that if you are traveling, you can stop in just about any big box store and pick up an SD card if you are running short of space (heck, I have even seen them in grocery stores). CF cards are hard to find in non-camera stores.
we see a lot of bent pins in cameras that take CF cards.

That's more like it IMO. That and a curious look at the contacts makes me think about parrallel IDE harddrives Vs the newer Serial ata and other things like USB Vs Serial ports and so on, basically I'm seeing an ongoing trend of lots of pins/contacts to a 4 or 6 or so.
I've never ever looked into it but this topicemakes me ponder it for about.... I'm gone already.
If we can hold out for a few more years...the cameras will be able to wirelessly transmit the images to a laptop, palm computer or something like an iPod.

The next generation of photographers will wonder what we are talking about when we sit around reminiscing about 'memory cards'.
think there are some compacts that can already do just that.
The technology is here already....what about that new battery grip for the 40D? Doesn't it have WiFi technology? And doesn't Canon have a portable harddrive with WiFi?

I've also heard that wireless USB technology is on it's way....and that's 500 times faster than WiFi. At first, you will be able to put a transmitter on your camera...then it won't take long until it's built right in.
is the 40D Wireless Transmitter out yet? I looked recently and couldn't find it available yet.
They are smaller, lighter, as reliable and cheaper.

Smaller ... yes... Cheaper.. maybe
"as reliable" .. don't think so.

Since most consumer products that use memory cards now use SDs, I think it makes sense from the consumer level cameras in the camera line. I predict that the higher end professional cameras will still use CF or both. They are faster, more durable, and larger capacities.

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