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Jun 8, 2010
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I want to get my 4x5 firing my strobes wirelessly however Im not sure its possible with the Paul C. Buff trigger. I have a cable but its only 9"s so the light can not really be moved about.

Now what I tried to do this morning, with no luck; I put the trigger on a hot shoe, combined two cables to allow for the right plug ins but it did not work.

Did it not work because the hot shoe is not getting powered by anything? Am I just that stupid to think it could work?

So the real question, how can I get my Alien Bees to fire wirelessly with my 4x5?
Not sure; my guess is that there are a couple too many variables in the equation. Will cybersyncs trigger off of a PC cable? A PW, and PW->PC cable should work fine.
Don't get it. PC connection on the lens to PC-or-whatever connection on the trigger should allow for wireless to the receiver on your light(s). Either there's a channel issue between trigger/receiver(been suckered by that one!) or there's a cruddy/busted PC connection somewhere.
Have you checked for continuity across the PC connection while the shutter is open?

Also, does the light trigger when you short out the splices?
the pw-pc cable worked when plugged directly into the flash head but it is way too short to use so I mated it to another cord to be pc-pc. Matched the wire color but for all we know that could be backwards. I have no way to check continuity, I don't think? Tried touching all the wires together at once to trigger the flash and nothing.

Im not at home to try connecting the wires the other way to see if that works.

Edit: also there is no way to directly plug into the transmitter which is why I tried the hot shoe thing.
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Cheap trigger set with more connection options to the rescue?
probably haha. or just a looooooooooooong cord. I was hoping to get away with being cheap and this working hahaha
I would begin my investigation right here. Looks like Short City. :1247:

red to red, white to white

figured it out last night and boy do I feel dumb. The damn trigger has a tiny pw plug in that I never noticed. So I pulled a pw-pc cord and it works great.

I think the reason why my mess didn't work, the hot shoe didn't have a third connection point directly under the trigger, just the sides.

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