55-200mm VR


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Jan 16, 2008
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St Louis
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Would it be a good secondary lens for me?? I have the 18-55 stock lens too.

landscapes and People are my main focus. I will be shooting a lot of cars come spring/summer.

After reading this I am convinced its a good buy.
I will add I know he goes over the top. But he is no fool right?

I had the 55-200 non-VR for a while and it was pretty sharp (similar to the 18-55). My only issue with it was how slow it was, but with the VR it might be a pretty good lens. I see them used for about $175, so I don't see why it wouldn't be a good buy. I may get one soon enough just to have a telephoto until I can afford something faster. The build quality isn't going to be that good, but should be better than the 18-55.
No he's a fool. A cheap bloggist with a hobby that unfortunately gets a lot of site hits. I mean he reviews products he has never even used let alone owns.

If you want opinions on lenses it's hard to be www.photozone.de Their new site layout sucks but http://www.photozone.de/Reviews/Nik...-200mm-f4-56g-if-ed-dx-vr-review--test-report their reviews are spot on most of the time and have lots of hard data not subjective crap.

The 55-200mm is a good lens for the price based on that review. As noted above it's a little slow aperture wise but to get an f/2.8 zoom like this you are easily $1000 out of pocket.
I've got the 55-200vr and I love it. Here are a couple of pics that I took with it.




I've got the 55-200vr and I love it. Here are a couple of pics that I took with it.

Well done! Thanks
worth the buy, I have both the kit lens and 55-200 VR and they've been essential . . .

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