5D for a 1d mark II ??

Why do you want to trade? I think if you are shooting glamour and portraits it would be a pretty poor trade. A step down in image quality and resolution in exchange for better build, faster AF and more FPS... if you were shooting sports that would be a very reasonable trade, but not so much in your case.
isn't the 1d mkii a 1.3x crop too? i personally wouldn't want to go down to that after using a full frame camera
They're just very different cameras with very different intended uses. Both excellent pieces of kit. In fact, I own both. But one does not replace the other.
Yes I agree with the others - whilst both are great cameras they're really designed for different things.

The 5D (and 1Ds) are full frame high resolution cameras, the 1D is really optimised more for speed and telephoto type work, having a crop factor and superb frame rates and so on. So personally I'd only suggest the change if you were wanting to do faster action photography than a 5D is comfortable with, or if thats to become the main type of work you do, or if there were specific things with the 1D II that you felt you needed.

Just a thought, though: it may be a better upgrade path to save up for longer and then upgrate in a bigger leap to a more recent/current model. The original 5D is far from being a poor camera even though it has been superceded recently, so keeping it for longer may not be such a bad thing, unless its worn out or something like that, and the price of the 5D II seems to be falling from its introductory price at the moment (in the UK anyway).

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totally diffirent beast?

Did you read this thread yet?

5D = higher resolution on a larger sensor for better image quality.

1D MKII = crop sensor, faster fps, faster AF for when you need that shot. Like in sports...Plus it's weather sealed and solid as a rock.

That was already stated.

Unless you're switching from shooting fashion and glamour to shooting football and Nascar, you're looking at a completely ass backward trade.
I'll buy your 5D from you. :)
The EOS-1D mark II-- for when you need to bludgeon someone to death, then photograph the body.
The EOS-1D mark II-- for when you need to bludgeon someone to death, then photograph the body.

And, really, how often do you find you need to do that? I mean, maybe a couple of times a month, if that -- so it really would only see sporadic use.

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