6' Tripod for under 200???


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Feb 20, 2012
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I have Proline 68" tripod and it often about an inch or two too short. This Xmas I was asked what I want and I figure a new tripod would be it. My limit is $200 and I won't push the person who gave me the limit, it's Xmas so giving them a little money to go for more won't work either.

I shoot landscape and some portrait, and didn't really want the biggest and bulkiest, but wasn't looking for ultra light pencil thin legs. Needs to support my Nikon D3200. Not sure the weight for that, but I don't have any lenses that are more than a pound(probably half).

Any recommendations

Edit: I just found out that some tripods don't come with a head. I'm looking for both head and tripod for under $200...
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Depending on where you live, Craig's List or a similar 'site is probably your best bet. Tripods & heads are a great buy,used, often available for fifty cents on the dollar. While a second-hand Christmas gift might not seem all that exciting, it's a good way to get a LOT more for your money. Manfrotto, Benbo, Giottos are good names, and Velbon, Sunpak and others decent.
I understand that you are wanting the head and tripod. But if you were willing to help out with costs over $200, then why not just find the legs for under $200 and be very appreciative, then you could buy a head for it yourself. That way you are getting the best bang for their bucks and most likely a better tripod.

Just a thought.
As tripod height increase so does the center of gravity (CoG).
As the CoG gets higher the tripod becomes less stable.

Do you have the 68" Dolica Proline with the 3-way tilt/pan head?

Dolica has a $200, 4 leg section, CF/Aluminum tripod.
Unfortunately, the center column has to be fully extended up from the max leg height of 58" to get to 70". But as a plus, the tripod has a max weight capacity of 25 lbs.
I have a Dolica proline ball head tripod for under $100 but really ...... 1" too short ?
c'mon spend that $200 on something else
If you want a tripod and head combo that comes up to 6ft and will still do what a tripod is supposed to do (hold the camera steady) you'll need to expand that budget a bit. If the one you have works fine but is just a hair short I'd recommend living with it.
I sympathize about the "just a bit too short" problem. Not that I'm tall, but I sincerely dislike anything that I have to work around. Anytime I have to do some repetitive task, and there is something that is inconvenient, I will do something about it.

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