7-14mm 4 olympus lens


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May 14, 2007
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Any one here using this lens on a pen camera?

If so, any issues with using an adapter, etc.

Which adapter are you using?
I rented the Panasonic/Lumix 7-14mm for a week on a trip to the mountains this past October mounted on an EP3. I found it had really nice optics but with a few hiccups. If you're shooting towards the sun, it flares. It also has a great tendancy for CA (pruple fringing). Otherwise, it is a fun lens to have.

I did not have to use an adapter, direct mounted.


Barrel distortion can be quite prominent at 7mm and close to the subject.

With the sun behind you, the colors and contrast are very acceptable.

and the flare......


Overall I was pleased with it.
thanks for the taking the time to post the examples.

I have been a bit concerned about the need for an adapter with 4/3 cameras, and Olympus told me their lens would need one.

The panny got mentioned on several other sites, but no mention of an adapter.

The hiccups are an issue with lots of lens :) and especially shooting into the sun.

I have also been looking at the Olympus 9-18, but I am not a great fan of the fstops changing with focal lengths.

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