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Jan 2, 2010
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had the chance to take a good friends suburban out and take some shots of. figured i would share a couple of my favs and get some criticism good or bad




Man, if you only had some lighting on that truck for the last shot, it would have been epic.
I liked first... iwant a still shallower depth of field in #2
#4 is wonderful, but shedding some light on the van-as has been pointed out by Geaux- would add more magic :D
yea i wish i would have had better lighting...i was using a 30 second shutter speed so i had a better chance of getting the lightening, and just holding the flash and hitting it a couple times to show the truck....more flashes are in my near future, how i didnt burn up my sb-700 i have no clue lol
Future tip for flashing like that. Do rear-curtain flashing, flashing the truck in the beginning of the shutter won't do you any good. Focus your strobes towards the end of the shutter.
the shots are pretty good I really like the last one. #2 I think miss focused on the truck which I thought was supposed to be you subject not the wheel. Over all not bad bro shame yer boy totaly screwed up what could of been a classic by slammin it but thats for another forum and to each their own right.....?

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