97 years old? You age quite well....


Haha..you still haven't changed your age in your profile? :biglaugh:

Happy Birthday Daniel! I hope it's a great one! Knowing you, I'm sure it is great!
Happy birthday. Hope the 97 is in dog years.

(I assume he's in a place several hours ahead of GMT, as it isn't yet Apr 6 in my part of the world)
I didn't initially bother to look since the title mentioned 97. :lol:
Thank you all. I hope 30's will be a fun club!! :eek:ldman:
Hi Dan, Happy Birthday to you. I hope most wishes come true for you this year. Most, because we need to have wishes come true later in life as well. :)

Happy Birthday, Uncle Dan! :cheer:

I hope you have a wonderful day. :hugs:
Hope it's FANTASTIC birthday!
Happy Birthday Dan :hugs:
hope it's a good one :D

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