A Beautiful hawk...

Nice capture
Very nice, sharp head shot. I think I might have tried a different angle to see if I could get away from the branches sticking out of its head. Would you care to share the type of hawk this is? (Coopers? - just guessing)

Nice portrait, I agree with WG above. At first it's so exciting getting shots like these when you are so close. Always try to remember the background. Was it underexposed? For ISO 180 the noise seems kind of high?
I was on a path between 2 ponds, had no other angle and he was up in a tree. If there is noise its probably because I cropped the photo allot. It was under exposed a bit, not bad though, had the exposure comp up to plus 2 my camera hates things up in trees on cloudy days lol

Not sure what type of hawk it is, it had a short tale so I don't think coopers, does not look like a red tail, I got to get the bird book out

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Looks like a juvi red tail to me, btw..

i am thinking you are right, definitely looks like a juvenile, from the bird book i am guessing red tailed or red shouldered.

here is one more photo of it showing the whole bird.

Awesome. That branch could be easily cropped out.

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thanks for the compliments. he was setting on a branch directly over top of the walking path, i could get infront of him but not very far in front of him or i would have been in the pond, behind him or right under him were also possible. i did get one really cool shot when i was almost directly under the bird. i stood there for about 20 min waiting for him to fly. finally he flew and i was able to snap off one shot of him just getting ready to leave the branch. and he went to a new tree.

i went around the ponds to where he landed in the new tree, not many good angles from that spot either, had to stand between the pond and a bunch of brush. i just stood there waiting for it to fly. and he did, but i was so close i got maybe 2 or 2good shots of it in flight and one was a little out of focus, i darkened that photo up a bit so you cant really tell he was out of focus, even though its a little dark i think its still usable..

i think i came home with 600+ photos yesterday, looks like i am keeping about 100, still got some more editing and cropping to do, yesterday was a good day.

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