A BIG 'Hello' and a question


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Sep 17, 2015
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Hi Everyone. As you can see, I've just joined the forum and I'm sure it will be a wealth of information.

Not sure how you would describe my 'experience' level. More than a 'point & shoot' guy, but nothing close to being a professional. I use a Nikon D5200 and have four various lens (which I won't list here, mainly because I don't have them with me as I write this).

I've evolved into really enjoying long-exposure photography, mainly stars, the milky way and such. For this I use my 24mm f1.4 (I think) lens.

My question is, I'm looking for post production software. I would like something more than just a basic, bare-bone program, but at the same time, nothing so complicated that I don't enjoy it (and end up not using it).

Besides 'ease of use' the only two items I'm really interested in are 1) the ability to combine a multitude of photos into one image (is it called 'stacking'?) and 2) being able to produce a time-lapse video from within this software.

The first item I think most software programs have, but the second (time-lapse video) is something I'm not sure they all have. Keep in mind this is only for my enjoyment (photography) and something to bore my family and friends with, I'm not looking for extreme professional quality. But at the same time, I need software that I would be able to enhance subjects like the milky way.

Thanks in advance for any guidance you might could offer.

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