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A bit of sun


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Oct 3, 2007
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Roanoke, VA
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Sunflower to be exact... I tried to do more pp than I normally do. How does it look?

I think it looks great - it's nice and bright. Although the light is pretty harsh - that's my only gripe.
the sun flower looks amazing, the yellow really pops but the fence to the right of it is killing the shot for me. perhaps cropping just the sun flower?
I like the sunflower very much. I cropped it a little to take out the harsh browns out. I think the bright yellow and green was too much of a contrast with the dark browns.

Thanks everyone! Yeah this was taken in bright direct sunlight. The only reason I didn't crop it is because I didn't want the sunflower directly in the middle, but now when I look at it, that funky dark pattern on the fence is kind of distracting. Might be a necessary crop.
Thanks again!

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