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Oct 7, 2007
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Sacramento, CA
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Curious as to if this works for anyone.
Not sure if I like it or not. Took a few rolls of Fuji Superia 200 with the ME Super to CSUS at about 8:30 and was trying to see if I could find anything decent.

Any comments would be cool.

it's a little noisy...but it's kinda neat. I think it would work better as a high contrast B+W
That's a really cool image - you obviously have an artistic eye
Hmm, I was shooting a 200 speed film, but I guess color'll do that to you. I'll see how it works as a B+W.

I didn't really like the image that much, but it's grown a little on me.

EDIT: Here we are:

The simplicity and geometry of it is pretty neat. I mean, I think we can all agree it's not an amazing shot by any stretch of the word 'amazing', but it's a good shot, that's for sure. Nice work.
I like it, especially with the muted colors. What's up with the noise?
The desaturated version is nicer in my opinion. ant the grain** is pretty radical for superia 200
Yeah I have no idea. It's probably Rite Aid's crappy scanners. Who knows though.
(I've also decided to start taking my color films to the pro-lab after my last experience at Rite-Aid <.<)

TBH, I was just out shooting testing different films and how they look at night, didn't think I'd get anything special but I have a few pictures from the set I'm interested on fixing now.

Thanks guys.

This was shot with my Pentax ME Super, 50mm f/2 lens at f/2 at 1second (I think) on a tripod. If anyone cares :p

EDIT: I do remember when I first started using the ME compared to the K1000 was that it had way too much noise. There's many problems with the camera, I just like the Av mode and compactness of it. I have now gone back to using solely the K1000.

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