A car show with a twist


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Jun 29, 2010
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first off id like to make a comment on how this site,and people doing honest critique instead of flaming people.Not trying to suck up. Im 50 and love Photography both Digital and film. I have a great deal from reading this section alone,so the myth is wrong an old dog CAN learn a few new tricks.

Now the shot,feel free to chime in.
I have others if this one is not a total flop..;)

Great picture all together, right now for my on the screen i'm viewing it on, it looks grainy maybe in larger format it would be clear which I suspect, but all together great photo I like the angle of it.
Thank you,when i go to the car shows i always try to find something that doesn't stand out until its pointed out.You also correct about the edges i printed an 11x14 of it and it looks outstanding.
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Here is another,this car was surrounded by very colorful cars,hence the really
unique grill look.
The most recent grill you posted looks really great, love how each individual grill piece carries its own color hue. What I would've liked more is for it to be more complete. You took care to fit the highest grill in the frame, but cut off the bottom.
Again thanks for the insight .I was not using a digital that day took my trusty Canon T90 so i couldn't adjust at the moment..i know the bottom edge being cut sucks...but blown up the colors really pop.
Im going to another show next week.
Now this car got a lot more after the picture processing than i do normally.The paint and the highlights and all that are true to what they were i just got rid of a busy background.The colors were so vivid i wanted it be a bit jaring.
These nice images you are making are known as Abstracts, because they don't show the context the image relates to.

Part of the fun with abstracts is letting people try and guess the context.

Pleasing photographic abstracts generally still utilize guidelines associated with the composition of visual art. Some images can be more effective when compositional guidelines are modified or ignored. Of course, the trick is knowing which images that applies to, and which ones it doesn't apply to.
Well go ahead and tell me how these fit in.I have never made a living at this but im thinking about making it a serious part time job.Please understand until i found this web site the only people that saw what i did were those who bought a calender from the Botanical garden here in St.louis a few newspaper photos and other assorted published pics.
I see your post count so im sure you have seen a lot and i would listen and respect your opinion.Cars are not the only thing i take pictures of in this manner.
85% of all the photos that sell, have people in them. The remaining 15% is everything else: Landscape, nature, abstract, macro, etc.
#1 is a really good b&w. I suggest cropping the left side slightly so that weird emblem thing is removed.

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