A Cold Winter Morning


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Feb 22, 2009
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Pittsburgh, PA
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Everything where I live is so dead and dark, but I just had to shoot something; I got a new camera, how couldn't I? So, this is the result of about 20 that I took. They were all just so, gloomy? that I deleted most of them. Well, here they are. Thoughts are welcome.





I know they're not very interesting, there is absolutely nothing to shoot at my house. Once I go back to Pittsburgh, I promise to have some better pictures.
There are probably lots of things to shoot there, you're just thinking in conventional terms...you need to think differently about your picture taking and get up close to things and really look at them. Instead of taking a picture of the tub, hose bibb and surrounding ground, get close and see what kind of interesting shapes and textures are there to take pictures of.

In the third picture, get close to that pile of junk lying next to the building and look at the positive and negative spaces...look for interesting shapes.

And don't shoot everything while you're standing up...kneel down to shoot, shoot straight up, shoot straight down...try different points of view and different angles...try different things.
Samanax has some excellent advice. I would also suggest upping the contrast a tad and seeing if that doesn't de-gloom your shots a little.

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