A couple from the Ansco Agfa Shur Shot


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Sep 2, 2003
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Pulled another oldster from the display case recently - the Ansco Shur Shot. I've never been certain of the age on this one, but I think it's a later model (from the beginning date of mid-1930s) because of the dual viewfinders, very bright and clear, the one on the side for horizontal shots. They also dropped the "Agfa" name in later models. Mine has always been very clean, so decided to try it since it uses 120 film.

This is expired Ilford FP4, which we thought might get an extra boost from adding a filter - so I went really high tech: :lol:

Agfa Ansco Shur Shot side view w filter.jpg

Some quick scans:

Sidewalk with Brad, resized.jpg

Stairwell (2), resized.jpg

Worked like a charm! Fun to carry around for a point & shoot, too. ;)
How fun, great results! Thanks for sharing
I love box cameras, great photos! They're so fun to use. That's a good idea for a filter.
Congratulations on bringing an old camera to life. They are fun to work with once in a while.

Sometime back I posted some shots I made with my moms 1940 Ansco. I masked the 116 format film plane and shot 120 film.

I really like the large format of these old cameras.

Ansco2 2.jpg
Nice shots. Great idea for the filter, usually just hand hold for my boxes.
Very Cool!

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