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Oct 3, 2011
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Here are a few that I did of my sister the other day. Please feel free to C&C as much as you like. ;)










are you cropping these down? or are they like this in camera?

i like them, but i'm kinda getting a claustrophobic feel from them. like shes completely boxed in.

in #1, i wish that wisp of hair wasn't cut off, and i wish there were a little more space on the left.

in #2 i wish there were slightly more space on the right.

3 i love just as it is.

4 imo would look so much better in landscape and if we had seen her feet, and the back of her that got cut off. i like this one the best. but, you chopped her off at the knee and the butt.

i love the expression and the angle in 5.

i'm a newbie, so take my comments for what they're worth. a newbies opinion.

i like that shirt against the field too.
I like these. I would def look into fill flash or a reflecter from eBay (about $8) Also if you did pp I would go back and up the contrast a tad. Good job though.
Ang, when you shoot a portrait, people will be super critical with the shadow. With this set I say #2 & #3 are the best use of natural light. You put the sun right behind the subject AND the backround is dark (not SKY). That is the key to do portrait in the sun without flash. The rest, you put the sun in front of the subject, which is the easy way out (everything is exposed good) BUT because you do this you have heavy shadow on the face and the subject is squinting. I hope that makes sense.
Thanks for the feedback people! :) I totally see what you mean about the shadows and how I needed my reflector. This was a really quick shoot that i did and I forgot about getting my reflector until I was out there already so I just left it. :)

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