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Apr 27, 2006
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Rock Hill, SC
I took these today. A couple of my son (my little muse/guinea pig) and a couple shots of "stuff".

I'm looking to get that really crisp, high contrast look with the black and white, and I'm just not getting it. Any ideas why? Also, I'm having a hell of a time learning how to operate GIMP and Raw Shooter essentials. Any tips or pointers would be much appreciated.

Here they be:

Isn't he angelic? (Looks are deceiving!)

The "look". He's practicing for Calvin Klein ads:

He had been eating dirt just before I took the following picture. :er: Too bad I don't have Photoshop... :lol:



Another picture where I was going for a weird effect:
For me it is nearly impossible to comment you photos, because of the thumnail size they're in. Hope you can sort this out..
What I can see is that the first two are a bit out of focus, but the nice smile in colour looks in focus. Which is good. And the smile is really nice. Very endearing!

The two black and white ones are really too small to say much about them. They might both like to get a boost in contrasts. I would guess.

And the experiment ... well, a pity that the eyes are ALL disguised by the top rim of the glasses. This is what I feel really sorry about in this photo.
Welcome to the forum.
The shots are a little small, especially the 4th and 5th, but from what I can see in the others, they are good shots. Hope we can see a larger version.
Hi!! Cute bubby, but very small images ... the pros taught me to resize photos to 700pixels on the longest side of the image! this works wonders!! xxx I too have the 'bland' black & white problem and am busy playing around trying to improve... Have you checked out 'Shelleysnapz' - 'more baby pics' post in the portrait section.... Amazing b & w!!!!! We can only dream xx Good luck, and be sure to let ME know if you work out how to get the b&w WOW factor! xx

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