A few photos from a recent trip to Northern Ireland and North England


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Feb 14, 2013
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Stratford Upon Avon
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I just wanted to share a few photos I took from a recent visit to Northern Ireland and North England. Hope you enjoy.. :D

1. Cliffs of Northern Ireland

2. Titanic Museum, Belfast

3. Outside Titanic Museum

4. First attempt at cotton wool water, Vindolanda, Northumberland

5. View from Vindolanda Roman Villa
Beautiful series. I love the atmosphere in the first shot and I instantly recognised the north coast of Ireland. If im not mistaken I think thats up near Portrush is it not?
Did you enjoy the titanic museum?
It is indeed, good spot! It was actually taken through one of the safety fences in Duneluce Castle.

The titanic museum was good but I actually preferred the dry dock. It was a bit more hand-ons which i prefer! Belfast is a lovely city as well. We sat by the central council area watching the Formula 1 on the big screen on Sunday :)

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