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Mar 28, 2009
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Greenville, South carolina
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The first one is a shot of my wheel, And the dcrymes99ranger is the screen name on the ranger forum i go to.


The second picture is my truck next to a clock tower. Theres a clock on the other side im at the back of the tower.


And finnaly the third picture is my truck with some exposed metal, Its for a contest on the other forum i go to So wish me luck..

ok my pictures have been up here for 2 days now and 22 views and not a single comment on em... no one has anything to say about my pictures.. Not even a they suck i can take criticism but being left hanging is not cool.
Hey, I know what you mean.... I get views on mine, and I get no comments other than my ex boyfriend... I do like your truck (I've always liked Rangers). And I really like that first photo.... I'm not that into car photography but the first one gives a different angle and I like it.
I like the first two, last one dosent do much for me, also you need to lower that thing!

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