A few shots with the dog at the beach

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    Took the dog (18 month English Staffy X Boxer+ you name it!) for a run down at the local beach a few days after buying the Canon 60D - most taken with the 28-200 Canon lens, it was a great day, she had a ball (we all did) and got a few hundred shots fired off the new toy. Also found a nice fishing spot so happy all round!
    No editing done apart from a bit of cropping... she's a great laugh

    1. Not happy being on the chain

    2. The GL hates this one.... dribbles

    3. Being good

    4. She's good at finding the biggest stick

    5. Doesn't mind the odd jump

    6. This would have been great if I hadn't chopped off her tongue

    7. Another stick

    All in all a great day - and that's the main thing isn't it.. Not particularly after CC as this was our first outing with the new toy, but feel free if you like.

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