A few waterfalls from this weekends camping trip.


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Jul 31, 2020
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Central North Carolina USA
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All taken in the Brevard NC , Transylvania County area.

Looking Glass Falls in the Morning 2.jpg
Looking Glass Falls in the morning. A little blue, but in deep morning shadow this time of year that's what it is.

Moore Cove Falls.jpg
Moore Cove Falls, almost caught the rainbow. Got there a little to late and the sun was getting to high for it.

Slick Rock Falls.jpg
Slick Rock Falls. I like the angle the sun was hitting it, but it made it hard to get a decent exposure.
Decent set. Great sunbeams in the last.
Nice set. These showed up on my iPad as very small thumbnails so hard to see in any detail.
Thanks guys, I never know which is better upload full size or thumbnail.
There ya go! Nice shot and being full size it just makes it less of a hassle to view pics is all.
Nice set. I like the shutter speed you chose for #2. It's not too smooth and let's you see the the leap and the landing of the water on the rocks below. #3 is a darn nice capture of the sun beams on the waterfall.

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