A few from my recent trip to Greece


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May 25, 2014
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First up, apologies I've not been around for a while, Life's been pretty crazy with work and travel for work and everything else.

We managed to take some time out and took a week vacation in Greece, the plan was purely to hit the beach and enjoy the sea and relax. Although of course I took the camera just in case.

Turned out there were some beautiful places we could catch sunrise and sunset around the island and so here are a few of the first edits from our trip there.

I've got so many shots from there and from other trips that I've simply not had time to work on and I'm really hoping for that to change very soon!

Happy to get your feedback on these few and hope you enjoy...

1 - Sunrise @ The Giola Pool

Almost impossible to get this place to yourself, so it was a 04:00 rise to get there are shoot through sunrise. I've seen many shots of this place but never a sunrise, the steep walk down from the car park could be a reason, pretty dicey in the dark..


2 - Sunrise @ Paradise Beach

As I got out of the car here, again after rising at around 4am, I realised I'd left the tripod in the apartment! Schoolboy error. I pieced together a stand out of beach furniture that was there as I wanted to get a dreamy "Painting" like long exposure as well as some more "Action" shots of the waves crashing during sunrise.

3 - Sunset - We spent most of the day on a little beach close to here, very few people which was great, After a day swimming and relaxing it was time to setup and capture some sunset shots as the sun dropped behind the point of the island.

4 - Sunset in Thassos - On a drive back from where we had planned to shoot sunset, we found this little beach with some lovely rocks leading to the sunset. The sky was just beautiful pastel hues so I spent an hour or so here trying some different things, this is the first edit from that session.
Thanks, appreciated. I wish we’d had longer there but at least I can look at some images and take my mind back :)

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Nice set, and welcome back.....glad you got to get some R&R. :)
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Awesome set. #1 my favorite because of the interesting depth from the submerged rocks.
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Thanks a lot guys!! Looking forward to sharing some of my latest work once I resize them :)

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