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    Hi guys...

    I just joined this forum this evening and introduced myself in the new members forum. I wanted to post an entry from my new blog that I wanted to share with you all...

    The first thing that many photographers seem to do when they get together is launch themselves into a discussion revolving around equipment. What are the particular rendering qualities of that lens, or what are the low light capabilities of that camera body, or what is the maximum amount of weight that your tripod can support? If you’re a tech or gear junkie that sort of conversation is great, but it does little to generate anything more than a temporary excitement about different tools. Contrary to equipment, which generates a limited and temporal feeling, that which lasts and quenches, is that which sparks one’s creative side.

    So if it’s not gear, what is it that can spark new levels of creativity? I recently found a great source of inspiration, or more appropriately, they found me…talented and creative people. If you have a craving for a creative boost, show some courage and get out of your comfort zone by speaking with someone other than a photographer. That’s not to say that photographers are not creative, I just mean a new and fresh perspective will do wonders for your own creativity. Their medium may be different, but passion and creative expression are constants….and that’s not the only thing, they’re highly contagious as well.

    Associating with people with strong creative passions can only affect your work in a positive way. Huston Smith, a renowned writer once said: “We are social animals, influenced at every turn by the ‘companioned example’ of our associates whose attitudes and values speak to us more clearly than any others.” If you want to experience new and imaginative ideas and turn them into a photographic reality, search out those "associates" who are filled with creative genius. After all, creativity is what defines and shapes someone’s work, not the brand of camera they use.

    Now the only question that remains to be answered is where am I going to go to find me some more musicians, painters, and dancers?

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