A Harbour With No Name


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Mar 10, 2007
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This panorama was shot in Portland (Oregon) back in January. For those familiar with the city, this is the view of the Marquam bridge from Tom McCall Waterfront Park.

No one I asked seemed to know if the harbour had a name, so I'm sticking with this title until someone proves it wrong :)

I know it's too centred; that's a sin I commit with most my panoramas. I just won't learn.

To see it bigger, click here.

Thanks for looking!
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Slower... I don't think it's too centered; you do have a lot of angles and curves going on in the shot(s) along with dark to light in the sky and a reversal of light to dark in the forground. There's a lot going one to be "too centered."
There's a lot going one to be "too centered."
And that's one of the issues I find with this photo: it's maybe a bit too busy. The other thing is that it might have benefited from some more foreground.

Thanks for your comment, TR!
To my untrained eye, it looks great as far as lighting and color, I like the feel of it. But for some reason I can't get my eyes off the boats in the middle. Not sure why.....

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