A high ' five ' for Sigma...great service


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Aug 13, 2012
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St.Louis,Mo. USA
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I shoot the A99 ASony.Love macro so i spent good money and got a Sigma 150mm f2.8 now this lens has been tack sharp and flawless.SO imagine my surprise when i moved my set up about 2 ft to the left and tried to shoot again..NOPE..took the camera off mount and it had bad rattle and looking at the screen no focus at all....

So i called Sigma and of course i was out of warranty by 7 months.No big deal packed it and sent it to them.They called same day they got it..the OS unit was toast which is funny as the Sony doesnt use the lens OS at all its in the body..I asked about the rattle and they told me again the contained OS had broken loose but all else is fine.

I asked the price , fully expecting it to be an insane repair price..$120.00 for all needed repairs and some maintenance to be performed on the lens..120 dollars and 20 bucks shipping !! I could not agree quick enough..lol.the whole transaction including shipping was a 5 day process..When it returned and when i took it out of some great packing (blow foam,and popping paper.) It looked like new and I was very impressed..

So there is MY story anyone else out there ever had any warranty or repair dealings with Sigma.?

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