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A Little Portfolio


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May 18, 2012
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Flower Portfolio - a set on Flickr

comments and critique always welcome, but you should probably be aware that this is a completed project. There are some deficiencies I am aware of, and no doubt others I am not, but in any case I am sick of fussin with this pictures and have called it complete. Several of these have already been up here for c&c.
Tulips #4 and Tulips #7 were two that I liked a good deal. A few too many images for a late night look for this dude, off to bed soon. These look good in a portfolio this way.
I think some of these are just lovely. I particularly like Lily #4 and Tulip #7.
I absolutely love them - they appear surgical, precise and almost inorganic - I would relinquish one testicle to acquire knowledge to achieve those lovely results.
I went through them again this morning, and noted a few that struck me positively:Daisies #1,Lily #4, Tulip#7 (the closeup) is a wonderful exercise in selective focus.
Good shots! All unique in their own way...I believe "Tulip #10" may be my favorite. I like the look of the petals with the dew on them.
Very nice. A few I'd dump. But overall, impressive!

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