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Jan 27, 2008
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Bemidji, Minnesota, USA
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Some silly, worthless self-portraits. I hope someone messes up their keyboard with regurgitation after looking at these (die keyboards!)

1. I was red-faced all day that day, have no clue why, perhaps allergies.


I think I saw your first photo in my neighborhood on a flyer. Something about little kids...
Don't tell them where I am? I was trying to return a lost backpack? Um, it wasn't me your honor, it was someone else, I swear.
do what exactly?
post mediocre self ports?
double-post all the time?:p
Well, not ALL the time, but yeah, probably more than necessary. Terribly sorry about that. I love you guys. I'm going to have to post, along with my pictures, camera model and any other pertinent information. Sorry about not doing that as well. I'm glad you all like my photos so much, gives me the drive I need to become better.
just a question....who on here has said they really "like" your photos?
No one has said they have liked my photos, and also the slightest bit of sarcasm apparently mystifies a certain user here, eh? No one here has to like my photos, nor anyone else's. I take photos to please myself and post them here for everyone elses enjoyment and amusement. If someone doesn't like my photos, that's alright by me. What I don't get though is, why would anyone waste their time not constructively criticizing my photos but instead, writing apparently negative comments for no reason. If you don't like my photos and don't give me some, what I see as, helpful feedback, then don't bother. It wastes both our times. You waste yours by writing, and I waste my time by reading. Here I was noticing someone new commented on one of my photos, I start to hope that someone doesn't like it and tells me where I need improvement. Alas, no, I someone how attract all the people that, in not so much words, say that my photography sucks. That's fine if you think so, and you can even tell me, because I am obviously cool with, just next time leave something useful please. And thank you for enjoying my photography enough to actually write about it.
i dont think he meant too much harm by it. i really think he didn't catch the sarcasm, so in that sense it was a valid question. having known it was sarcasm, maybe it was uncalled for. either way, just keep posting and trying to get better. i suck too so im in your same boat at posting crappy pics.
Every single photographer sucks at some point. If this is something you really want to improve in, do more than snap shots to improve. Analyze each of your own photos and let us know what your intention is, what you'd like to learn, what qualities you like/dislike, etc. You get more this way than when you just post a photo and say "do you like it?". Anyways, everyone has the potential to be a good photographer and just stick to it and learn from those around you.

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